Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 11/13

Good morning everyone!

As the semester winds down and our Ambassador events are over, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all you guys have done with the program! You provided such a wonderful, hospitable atmosphere at Messiah to so many students and families and we are so appreciative of your dedication and time. Keep checking the Facebook Page for updates or special needs for the next few weeks!

Calling Campaign You all should have received an email yesterday from Rachel regarding the calling campaign THIS week. We are still in need of some help and would LOVE to have you all representing Messiah in this way! POINTS will be awarded and many, many SNACKS will be provided. It is much more fun with a lot of people, so sign-up HERE even if it's only for an hour!

Fun Event Don't forget that the Ambassadors are heading to Christmas Candylane at Hershey Park on Friday, November 30th. Tickets and hot cocoa are ON US and you can now sign-up HERE. On the sheet, please indicate whether you have your Messiah Driver's License and could be a driver. We appreciate all you have done this semester, so come and celebrate with us at the sweetest place on earth!

Points Even though our big responsibilities are over for the semester, there are still ways to earn points before the end of the year! Below are the top 10 points leaders, but you can see how close of a race it is! Helping out at the calling campaign, hosting a special overnight, or even just turning in your previous overnight's contact card could be the amount you need to push you into the running for that GIFT CARD of YOUR CHOICE.

1. Anna Marie Clark (2000)
2. Joshua Gerber (1875)
3. Catherine Arke (1475)
4. Matt Eshleman (1475)
5. Rachel Rinehimer (1450)
6. Logan Knepper (1350)
7. Luke Galyen (1350)
8. Becca Hegman (1200)
9. Abby Riegert (1175)
10. Janelle Oakley (1150)

Our runner ups looking to take the board are Clara Haubold, Marissa Donlevie, Shannon Hogan, Emily Falkenstein, and James Chopka and you are all within only 25 points of each other! Get involved with the next few activities that can boost you up!

Chapel Hosting This week's chapel hosts are Cosette Schulties (Thursday) and Shannon Hogan (Tuesday).

Stay warm and enjoy that (potential) snow on Thursday!

Abby & the Leadership Team

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 11/6

Hey Ambassadors!

Guidance Counselor Tours We are in need of 4 Ambassadors to give campus tours on Friday, November 16th from 10am-12:15pm (must be available during this whole time period). Points will be awarded! Please email us if you are available to help out.

Calling Campaign We still need more help for the calling campaign happening next week, November 12th-15th. Please sign-up for some time slots HERE. Snacks are provided and we would love to have your happy energy to encourage prospective students to come to Messiah! Any amount of time is helpful, so even if it's only for an hour, we'd appreciate you coming and helping out.

Spotlight Day Our LAST Ambassador event of the semester is this Friday, the SEH Spotlight Day. If you have already signed up for a greeting, please revisit the google doc to indicate if you have a 9am class or not. This helps us assign the positions for the greetings. Even if you are not a part of the school of science, engineering, and health, please sign-up HERE to help out with greetings and tours so you can chat with families/prospective students and share your knowledge and experiences! This is also one of the last chances to earn some BIG points!

Overnights This is the last week for official overnights, however, if you haven't been able to host your two students yet, keep a lookout on Facebook for some "unofficial" random overnights we may need! And turn in those contact cards from past overnights!

Fun Event Save the date Friday, November 30th for our next Fun Event: Hershey Park Christmas Candylane. Stay tuned for more details!

Points The updates are finally in! Our top 10 leaders are:

1. Anna Marie Clark (1650)
2. Josh Gerber (1550)
3. Catherine Arke (1475)
4. Matt Eshleman (1225)
5. Becca Hegman (1200)
6. Janelle Oakley (1150)
7. Shannon Hogan (1050)
8. Logan Knepper (1025)
9. Emily Stevens (1000)
10. Luke Galyen (1000)

Chapel Hosting This week's chapel hosts are Kevin Cook (Thursday) and Cosette Schulties (Tuesday).

Thank you guys for all you do!

Abby & the Leadership Team

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 10/31

Hey Ambassadors and happy Halloween!

I hope some of you noticed that our Tuesday updates were not sent yesterday. I was away at a conference, so now I present you with the: Wednesday Weekly!

Calling Campaign As I mentioned in a previous weekly, we are in need of enthusiastic Ambassadors to help out with our Admissions Calling Campaign! You can start signing up NOW for the campaign which is from Monday, November 12th to Thursday, November 15th. Please use this LINK through your Messiah email to sign-up! This is a big application push we do each year, right before the free application deadline. We want to call as many students as possible! Please try to sign-up for at least an hour or two - every little bit helps! Points will be awarded and lots of snacks will be provided. Business students are also helping, so you may see some names you do not recognize. Contact Rachel (rshenk@messiah.edu) if you have any questions!

Event Days Last Saturday, we had another successful Open House! Thank you all for sharing your day with us and helping welcome prospective students and their families through greetings and tours. Our next event is this Friday and it's a Spotlight Day for BESS, HUM, and SOTA. Remember, if you are studying under one of these schools you are expected to help out in this event day, which you can access the sign-up for HERE. Please let us know if there are any conflicts and, as usual, thanks for your help!

Overnights As of now, we had one more male prospective student sign-up for the November 8th overnight that is in need of male host! If you are a guy and can host this student, please sign-up on the google sheet HERE. For Ambassadors who hosted in the past, don't forget to turn in your completed contact cards to ensure you earn your points!

Points After an amazing Open House, there are a ton of points rolling in! However, with my short week, I have not had a chance to enter in and calculate all of the points yet. Stay tuned...

Chapel Hosting This week's chapel hosts are Janelle Oakley (Thursday) and Shara Zimmerman (Tuesday).

I hope you all have a spooky and fun Halloween night!

Abby & the Leadership Team

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 10/23

Hey all you lovely Ambassadors!

I hope you are having a great start to your week. In considering these weekly updates, I wanted to drop a quick quote to encourage you to read all that's said here. Wally Amos said, "Email is the greatest thing" and he's the man who made the Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Brand so we know he's pretty important. :)

Event Days Our next Open House is this Saturday (Oct. 27). Unless you have and email us with a legitimate reason for your absence (i.e. medical reason, academic conflict, etc.), all Ambassadors are required to participate in TWO time slots for EVERY event day (i.e. greeting and a tour or two tours, etc.). If you are not signed-up for one or both of your required spots for this week's Open House, you can sign-up using this LINK. We still need help at the greetings and tours leaving at 2pm and 3pm. Already, the sign-up sheet is looking full with Ambassadors and we can't wait to spend the day with you welcoming our guests and prospective students!

Overnights Thank you to those of you who have dedicated your time to hosting prospective students overnight this Fall! We are still in need of ONE male host for this Friday. If you are able to host this student, please either contact the Ambassador email or overnight director, Lauren Dukehart (Ld1263@messiah.edu). If you host a student overnight, don't forget to turn in your contact cards found in your overnight packet. We need to file these with the admissions counselors AND reward you with 250 points!

Points Since points have not changed much since last week, I figured I'd give you a look into the top 10 leaders for points rather than how I usually only give you the top 5. Remember, you typically earn 50+ points for participating in Ambassador responsibilities, so be sure to get involved to claim those gift cards!

1. Katie Phykitt (775)
2. Matt Eshleman (750)
3. Catherine Arke (700)
4. Joshua Gerber (700)
5. Clara Haubold (650)
6. Rachel Rinehimer (650)
7. Anna Marie Clark (600)
8. Becca Hegman (575)
9. Rebekah Jones (575)
10. Luke Galyen (550)

As we roll through this week as the midterm of the semester, keep Jesus and your coffees close and keep pushing through! I know this tends to be a busy and stressful time for academics and I want you to know we are praying for you and are always here to help and support you in any way we can.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Abby & the Leadership Team

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 10/16

Good morning everyone!

I hope you're staying warm on this brisk fall day. We have a few upcoming events that we need your help with!

We need 1 Ambassador to help cover the Christian College Fair in Lancaster on Thursday, October 25th. The fair runs from 7pm-9pm, so you will arrive back on campus between 10pm-10:30pm. This is one of our busiest college fairs and you'll get to interact and talk with many students and families. Dinner is provided! Email Rachel (rshenk@messiah.edu) if interested!

The Ambassador Calling Campaign is one month away - mark your calendars for November 12th-15th! Sign-ups and more information will be sent out in the next two weeks. Points will be awarded, snacks will be provided, and it's going to be a fun time calling students together!

Here are a few of our weekly reminders:

Fun Event The sign-up sheet for Paulus Orchard can be found HERE. The trip is on Sunday, October 21st from 2pm-5pm. We hope that you can join us in some fun and delicious activities as we usher in the Fall season!

Contact a Student Page The page is now live, woohoo! As you are interacting with prospective students and families, encourage them to direct any questions prior to their campus visit to students on this page. A quick way to describe how to find the page is "On Messiah's website, find and click Undergraduate Admissions, scroll down and it's on the left side bar of the page titled 'Contact a Student.'"

Chapel Hosting This week's chapel hosts are Caleb Hays (Thursday) and Emily Tinguely (Tuesday).

Points There have not been many changes since last week, but a few Ambassadors have turned in their Overnight Contact Cards and are working up the ladder! We have only received 2 contact cards from ambassador hosts, so please do not forget to turn these in!

1. Katie Phykitt (775)
2. Matt Eshleman (750)
3. Catherine Arke (700)
4. Joshua Gerber (700)
5. Clara Haubold (650)

As usual, we are sending you a huge "thanks" for all that you do! Let us know if you have any questions.

Abby & the Leadership Team

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 10/9

Happy Tuesday Ambassadors!

First and foremost, we want to give a huge THANK YOU for all of the amazing work you gave to our first Open House yesterday! We sent out over 50 tours - about 20 resident hall and 30 full campus. On average, there were about 5-8 people per tour which means we were able to share Messiah with over 250 people! We could not have done this without your help! Thank you so much for your dedication to our program and for eagerly sharing your love for Messiah.

Here are a few reminders for your week:

Fun Event We are so happy to share that we have planned our first fun event for the semester! On October 21st from 2pm-5pm, we will be heading over to Paulus Orchards for apple picking, corn mazes, hayrides, and everything Fall! We have a Google Sheet open for sign-ups which can be found at this LINK. We would love for you to join us!

Overnights So far this semester, we have had two successful overnights! In total, we have hosted over 20 students already! If you have hosted, don't forget to turn in your Contact Cards (found in your overnight packet) to the Admissions Office. You will receive points for hosting AND for turning these in, so don't let this slip away.

Points Now that our events have begun, point earnings are taking off! As of now, our Ambassadors leading in points are as follows:

1. Katie Phykitt (775)
2. Matt Eshleman (750)
3. Catherine Arke (700)
4. Clara Haubold (650)
5. Anna Marie Clark (600)

As you can see, the difference between 1 and 2 is only 25 points, so it's anyone's game! Nearly all of you are on the board and we still have many opportunities to earn points this semester. Keep signing up for events, overnights, and chapel hosting to earn points! The gift cards are calling...

Chapel Hosting Since Fall Break is in two days (yay!), there will be no chapel hosting this Thursday. Next week's chapel hosts are Sydney DePoto (Tuesday) and Caleb Hays (Thursday). 

Again, thank you all for a successful Open House yesterday! We appreciate you and could not have done it without you. Praying for a restful and fun Fall break for everyone! 

Abby & The Leadership Team

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ambassador Weekly 10/2

Hey Ambassadors,

Happy Tuesday! A few things to keep in mind this week:

Open House Our first event day is THIS Monday! Woohoo! Remember that as an ambassador, you must sign-up for two time slots on every event. (For example, a greeting and a tour or two tours.) We are still looking for some excited and welcoming faces to help out for our 8am greeting and 9:45am transition. If you are available or need to complete another time slot, please sign up HERE. Get excited - this is the fun part!!

Tour Training Tours are starting on Monday! You must go on a practice tour or you will not be able to participate in this event (or any event until your tour training is completed). MENTORS: If your mentees have taken you on both practice tours, email us photos or copies of their tour rubrics. We need to file these to ensure everyone is trained, confident, and ready to give tours and to give them their jackets! Get these done ASAP!

Clearances If you owe us any clearances or paperwork, please work on completing and submitting those this week. Specifically, there is an Abuse Prevention Training video workshop that was sent to you through your email. Please, complete that as well.

Chapel Hosting This week's chapel hosts are Catherine Arke (Thursday) and Emily Falkenstein (Tuesday). Don't forget points are being earned for this!

Points Thanks to all who hosted for a successful overnight experience last week! As of now, points are rolling in. Our scoreboard leaders are:

1. Katie Phykitt (650)
2. Matt Eshlemen (300)
3. Luke Galyen (300)
4. Josh Gerber (300)
5. Logan Knepper (300)

Obviously, it's a very close race so be sure to sign-up for events and other opportunities to earn a gift card!

Thanks for all that you do! Email us with questions or concerns, especially if you have questions about Monday's Open House!

Abby & the Leadership Team