Friday, February 2, 2018

Important Links

Welcome back, everyone! Going forward, this blog will no longer feature the full text of each weekly update, but rather a running list of all our important links to help you find the needed spreadsheets as quickly as possible.

Spring Overnights:

Spring Event Days:

Spring Chapel Hosting:

Pep Team Spring Event Days:

Thanks for all that you all do! Keep on rocking 'n stuff.

Friday, December 8, 2017

And the Winners Are...

We're happy to announce our stellar Top 30 performers of the fall!

     1.       Brittney Wilkerson, 4075
     2.       Samantha Buck, 3800
     3.       Shaun Anak Nahar, 3750
     4.       Shara Zimmerman, 3650
     5.       Seth Williams, 2350
     6.       Caleb Hays, 2225
     7.       Brittany Balmer, 2200
     t-7.       Anna Marie Clark, 2200
     t-7.       Lauren Dukehart, 2200
     t-10.   Dakota Kelso, 2150
     t-10.   Lyzi Smith, 2150
     12.   Marissa Donlevie, 2100
     13.   Josiah Harmes, 2025
     14.   Ashley Fogelsanger, 2000
     t-15.   Trent Johnson, 1950
     t-15.   Megan Miller, 1950
     17.   Anne Dabroski, 1900
     18.   Hannah VanFossen, 1775
     19.   Edras Mendez, 1750
     t-20.   Emily Falkenstein, 1575
     t-20.   Ella Gutman, 1575
     t-20.   Emily Stark, 1575
     23.   Rebekah Jones, 1550
     24.   Marissa Showalter, 1500
     t-25.   Emily Hepler, 1475
     t-25.   Marianne Ramirez, 1475
     t-27.   Emily Brubaker, 1350
     t-27.   Becca Hegman, 1350
     t-27.   Mackenzie Murray, 1350
     t-27.   Dan Reiste, 1350

Monday, December 4, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 12/4

Hey friends! Remember those ten gift cards up for grabs? Anyone want a free $50? We added up the points this morning and it's still (almost) anyone's game for the last few winning spots!
Lucky for you, we've got the perfect final opportunity to push some winners over the edge: graduate and elementary tours this Wednesday and Friday. There are a total of 14 slots available, and the first to sign up here gets them!
Thanks to everyone who was able to join us at Hershey and help make it such a success!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 11/20

Happy Thanksgiving, team!
Believe it or not, you've already reached the end of the ambassador semester and fulfilled all of your fall duties! We want to thank you most recently for your help on the calling campaign (1,224 calls made!) and more generally for every overnight, tour, chapel, and one-on-one prospective interaction in-between. You've represented Messiah with pride and we couldn't be happier to have you all with us.
If you're able to join us to Hershey after break, we look forward to seeing you then! If not, keep an eye out for the final standings of the points race (the final day for contact cards will be December 4th), and most importantly, enjoy your short break and get ready to power through these last few weeks!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 11/13


  1. CALLING CAMPAIGN! On Wednesday and Thursday, Rachel needs far more help for this crucial event. Please sign up for as much as you can at
  2. OVERNIGHTS THIS THURSDAY! We have an all-time record of 45, yes, 45, students coming on Thursday to stay overnight. Please sign up, and if you're already signed up, please consider adding a second; it doesn't take any more effort once you're already hosting :)
  4. As a reward for helping with the above two items, does free Hersheypark on December 2nd sound like something you could handle? Just let us know before the end of the week by RSVP'ing at

Thanks all!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 11/6

9am, 9pm, all the same, right?

1.     Next week is CALLING CAMPAIGN! For those new among you, we coordinate a massive calling effort this time each year to offer special promotions to prospective students encouraging them to apply. This is the most important admissions push of the year and we would greatly appreciate that you all help out at least one hour for your department; sign up here! Snacks and points included.
2.     FALL OUTING this Sunday from 2pm-4pm! Join us at Kenedy’s house for snacks, s’mores, games and more! RSVP to the Whoozin page ASAP. Ridesharing information coming later in the week for anyone who needs.
3.     There are still spots for two ambassadors to enjoy a weekend of paid hotels, travel, & food while promoting Messiah at a YOUTH CONFERENCE in Ocean City, MD from January 5th-7th. Contact Rachel for more details!
4.     Tentatively mark your calendars for HERSHEYPARK on Saturday, December 2nd. Confirmation on that will hopefully be soon forthcoming.  

I don’t have the chapel hosting list with me, but we’ll text the two of you individually to confirm. Thanks guys!