Monday, September 18, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 9/18

'Morning, everyone. Just a few quick items for this week…
   1.       PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT will take place with Michael True on Tuesday, October 3rd from 4pm-5pm in Kline. Unless you have class or a prior commitment at that time, all ambassadors are expected to attend. This year’s agenda includes a meal etiquette portion, so yes, there will be food.
   2.       Mark the Date: our annual AMBASSADOR OUTING is set for Sunday, November 12th! A poll to vote on the destination will soon be forthcoming in the Facebook group.
   3.       CHAPEL HOSTS are Emily Stark on Tuesday and Ella Gutman on Thursday.
   4.       Just as a heads up, SPOTLIGHT TOURS in November are currently on hold and may be rescheduled. We’ll be sure to let you know if that happens, in which case there would be a new sign-up sheet.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 9/11

Good morning, all! As I’m sure that many of you already have been, please continue to pray for our friends affected by Harvey & Irma. Also, if you haven’t yet joined the Facebook group, please ask one of your fellow ambassadors to add you. We will be sending out minor updates exclusively through that outlet on occasion, and a poll for choosing our fall excursion will be appearing soon, so don’t miss out!

   1.     PRACTICE TOURS are underway; please make sure that you’re signed up for the appropriate number of slots and don’t forget to arrive on time for them. All ambassadors must fulfill this requirement by October 8th.
   2.     EVENT DAY SIGN-UPS for the entire semester are now available on different tabs of this spreadsheet. Of course, the most pressing is our first Open House on October 9th, so be sure that you’re on the list for at least two duties that day.
   3.     CHAPEL HOSTS this week are Rebekah Jones on Tuesday and Brittney Wilkerson on Thursday. Plan to arrive to Admissions at 9:15am or make other arrangements with Kristin.
     “If we learn nothing else from the tragedy of 9/11, let us learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.” –Sandy Dahl, widow to the pilot of Flight 93

Monday, September 4, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 9/4

Hey y’all, welcome to your first official Ambassador Weekly! From here on out, you can generally expect one of these on each Monday morning to set you up for success in the week ahead. Always be sure to read through every item and click the links provided to be fully informed and prepared. We’re excited to get started and hope that you are as well!

   1.     PRACTICE TOURS start today! New ambassadors, please make sure that you have signed up for two time slots, and returners be sure to have at least one. They MUST be completed before our first Open House on October 9th. Check your status here.
   2.     Speaking of that, OPEN HOUSE sign-ups for October 9th are now open! Click here to pick your time slots. Remember that all ambassadors are required to choose at least two, class schedules permitting.
   3.     Our first OVERNIGHT VISITS are scheduled for September 29th, and we currently have one male slot left to fill. Remember, everyone needs to complete two throughout the semester anyways, and this one comes with a free Unspoken ticket…just sayin’. First to claim it here gets it! Ladies, feel free to add your name to a blank line as a “waiting list” in case we add more students.
   4.     CHAPEL HOSTS for the week are Emily Hepler on Tuesday and Megan Miller on Thursday. Please arrive at the admissions office to pick up your families at 9:15am, or text Kristin to make other arrangements.
   5.     Perhaps most importantly, the Admissions Office is looking to hire one additional WORK STUDY for the fall semester! This ambassador must be able to work 10 hours per week, including 10am-12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Contact Kristin for more information if you may be interested! There are also openings at the Call Center, and Rachel would be happy to chat with you about those positions as well.

Consider setting this page as a bookmark on your phone’s browser. And for any questions, you can always reach the leadership team at or by texting one of the five of us.