Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Updates!

Reminders and updates for this week:
  • Check the "Chapel Hosting" tab
  • Sign-up for Overnight hosting and Open House day tours/greeting!
    • THANK YOU to those of you who have already signed up to host for the first two overnights.
    • Guys - we need 3 more male Ambassadors to host on October 9.

Improve Your Campus Tours!
  • The campus tour is often the most important factor in a student's decision to attend a college! I encourage you to read this article "5, Like, Totally Awesome Public Speaking Lessons From College Admissions Guides To Use At Work" or at least read through some of the key takeaways below:
    • 1. Make Connections - Engage students by name, make good eye contact, and gather everyone around you when you stop to talk (rather than sharing information as the group walks behind you).
    • 2. Use Stories, and Use Them Early - "The difference between the good and great guides is the ability to offer a personal story to answer a question." Also, the first thing you say is critical - that first impression stays with the group for the rest of the tour.
    • 3. Be Authentic - Communicate your love for Messiah and the importance it has played in your life. What are ways in which you can share what you love about Messiah in a genuine way during your tours?
    • 4. Be in the Moment - What can help you concentrate on your tour group/the student you are hosting overnight and keep them as your main priority, even as you balance your busy schedule?
    • 5. Be in Charge - Tour guides "need to encourage questions, politely manage the parent who is dominating the tour with their personal questions, and make decisions in the moment."

Give a tour on Homecoming!
  • We are in need of two experienced tour guides to give campus tours to alumni on Saturday, October 15, Homecoming weekend. The tours are at 1:00 pm and start in Eisenhower. Please contact Kristin at if you are available.

Spotlight Days
  • In addition to the two fall Open Houses, we have three Spotlight Days this fall. A Spotlight Day is an event day focused on a specific "School" or academic area. Please only sign up to greet/give a tour on a Spotlight Day that corresponds with your major.

Contact a Student
  • Thank you so much to those of you who have signed up to help out with Contact a Student. The updated page is almost ready to go live and should be up and running by next week, at which point, you may begin receiving emails from prospective students.

Join the Ambassador Facebook group!
  • The purpose of this group is to post photos from fun events/overnights, but all announcements will be communicated through this blog and sign-ups will take place on the Ambassador website.

Practice tour schedule for this week:
  • Tuesday, September 27
    • 1:00 - Jake Edmunds & Emma Seals
  • Wednesday, September 28
    • 9:00 - Katrina Chan
    • 1:00 - Dan Yeisley & Lizzy Beach
  • Thursday, September 29
    • 2:00 - Lyla Bowser

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