Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weekly Updates!

Reminders and updates for this week:
  • Check the "Chapel Hosting" tab
  • Sign-up for Overnight hosting and Open House day tours/greeting!
    • The October 18th and 28th overnights are posted - we need quite a few hosts, especially for the 28th!

Thank you for a great day at the Open House!
We welcomed 298 students to campus!
    Thanks Sierra, Devin, & Dani for a great panel yesterday!


  • When talking about language requirements on tour:
    • Instead of saying - the language placement test/study abroad allows you to "get out of taking a language", be sure to say that:
      • the language placement test "allows you to be placed in the level of a language that is right for you"
      • study abroad/cross-cultural courses "allow you to fulfill your language requirement by being immersed in another culture".
    • We always want to avoid speaking about ways to "get out of" courses, because that communicates that they are not valuable.

Upcoming Events
Ambassador Professional Development
  • RSVP now for our fall professional development event!
    • On Tuesday, October 25 from 4:00-5:00 PM
    • Frey 150
    • Kevin Villegas will be leading a session on Hospitality & Inclusivity
    • You are expected to attend, unless you have class during this time
    • 200 points will be awarded for attendance at this event
    • Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Additional Professional Development Opportunity!
  • All Ambassadors are invited to attend the event advertised below (attending this event is OPTIONAL, but if you plan to attend, you must RSVP)
  • If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Yonette Schneider at YSchneid@messiah.edu by tomorrow, October 12
  • We'd love to see you there!

Update to points system
  • Assisting with additional recruitment events (such as - Uprise, College Fairs, Dual Enrollment social, etc.) you will be awarded 200 points
  • Hosting a prospective student overnight (not in conjunction with Admissions overnight visits) you will be awarded 200 points
    • This does not include hosting a friend who is coming to hang out with you on campus; however, if you host a friend, family member, etc. who is a prospective student, we would love to reward you for going above and beyond, so please let us know!
  • Assisting with departmental or major presentation/panel during event day
    • Let us know if you are involved with event day presentations for your specific major

Greeting students on Open House days
50 points
Giving a tour on Open House days
100 points
Tours given in addition to OH day requirements
250 points
Chapel hosting
100 points
Professional development attendance
200 points
Overnight hosting
300 points
Additional overnight hosting (after the required 2)
500 points
Turn in completed contact card to overnight visits
250 points
Assisting with additional recruitment event
200 points
Hosting a prospective student overnight (not in conjunction with Admissions overnight visits)
200 points
Assisting with departmental presentation/panel during event day
200 points

There are lots of exciting things happening this fall! If you are in touch with any prospective students, remind them that the application is free until November 1.

Have a great week!

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