Monday, October 16, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 10/16

Welcome back!

            1. Do you love kids? If so, we have some pretty great news for you. Between Tuesday and Friday next week, we’re expecting around 500 elementary through high school-aged students to descend on campus for field trips & advancement programs. As such, we are in dire need of as many TOUR GUIDES as possible. Please refer to this Google Sheet. These are low-pressure, abbreviated, fun tours, and a great way to get ahead in the point standings! Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

            2. The October 28th OPEN HOUSE now includes a new tour time at 11am! Please sign up here to balance with the other slots!

            3. Don’t forget to turn in your completed CONTACT CARDS if you’ve hosted an overnight guest!

            4. CHAPEL HOSTS this week are Cameron Walker on Tuesday and Trent Johnson on Thursday.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 10/10

First off, we’d like to thank you all for your fantastic work at yesterday’s OPEN HOUSE! Thanks to your efforts, we overcame the rain and even set a Messiah College record with 982 campus guests! We’ve received lots of positive feedback for your tours and greeting, so please accept our grateful congratulations.

Our next main events will be the OVERNIGHT on October 27th, followed by Open House on the 28th.  Be sure to check out the signups on the blog if you haven’t already, as there are still slots available for both.

We did receive one point of clarification for tour information; when talking about the nursing program and cadaver lab, remember that they are separate topics, and it is not the nursing majors who use that lab. Minor detail, but will save some confusion.

Lastly, remember that after you host an overnight guest, you are to reach out to them at least two more times in the weeks that follow and continue encouraging them to choose Messiah. It also doesn’t hurt that each completed CONTACT CARD earns you an additional 250 points…

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 10/2

Happy Monday!

     1.     PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is TOMORROW at 4pm in Kline 120. Have you RSVP’d to the Whoozin page?

     2.     We’re still in need of six male and three female OVERNIGHT HOSTS for THIS SUNDAY before Open House. Let’s make sure that we don’t have to turn away anyone who wants to learn more about the Messiah experience. You are welcome to sign up for more than one student as well. It usually makes it even easier to keep conversation going, not to mention the extra points! Additionally, as you may have heard, overnight guests are now welcome to use the new Fitness Center provided that they fill out a waiver upon arrival.

     3.     In other OPEN HOUSE news, there’s a new column on the spreadsheet allowing you to indicate if you have a 9am class that we should plan on releasing you for.

     4.     CHAPEL HOSTS are Brittany Balmer on Tuesday and Emily Brubaker on Thursday.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Ambassador Weekly, 9/25

Good morning!

As we wind down on our PRACTICE TOURS, Kristin asked me to share a few basic tips that we’ve seen to be a reoccurring need. More than anything, just be confident. Knowing the facts is crucial, but a strong delivery can be even more effective. This also translates into volume; if they can’t hear you, it can quickly become a long fifty minutes. On the whole, though, everyone’s memorization skills have been quite impressive! So that’s a definite win.

In other news, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is coming up quickly. Please indicate here if you are able to attend, or email Rachel if not.

CHAPEL HOSTS are Emily Ransil on Tuesday and Emily Falkenstein on Thursday.